Adult Ministries

Sunday School

FPC offers Sunday School classes whose topics, age ranges, and leadership formats vary widely. Here is a list of our adult Sunday school classes for 2016.

College and Career
Christian Ed Resource Room, 2nd Floor

Open to college students as well as young professionals, this group shares ideas around “The Wired Word.” Each lesson includes biblical commentary and discussion questions related to a topic in the news that week. Informal presentation with thought-provoking conversation, this class is a way to stay engaged with growing in the faith by creating community and fellowship.

LL Classroom D, Education Wing
Dag Rowe, 256-536-4574, and Bill Lummus, 256-881-2945, Co-leaders

The Comrades Class is a Bible study group that is organized by subject matter or topic rather than by following a specific Biblical book from start to finish. This Bible-themed class will discuss the history of the Old Testament people, the history and canonization of the Bible, and explore some of the 100 Greatest Bible passages. Other points of discussion will include the covenant relationship between a God of love, his people, our inclusion in his grace, and how scripture informs and supports those beliefs. The class material is pertinent to Christians of all ages and everyone is welcome.

Study, Main Building
Drew and Leslie Lockhart, 256-536-5110

This fall, the group will explore two video studies led by United Methodist preacher and teacher, Adam Hamilton. The Call: The Life and Message of the Apostle Paul, tells the story of the man whose writings continue to shape the lives of one-third of the world’s population. The second, Half Truths: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves and Other Things the Bible Doesn’t Say, explores simple phrases, such as “Everything Happens for a Reason,” which have some element of the truth but miss the point of scripture in important ways.

LL Classroom C, Education Wing
Rev. Charles Danner 931-433-3276

This class explores various subjects of interest for faithful living in an academic way, using essays, articles, and excerpts from books, magazines, the internet, etc. This fall, we will explore “Living the Questions:  The Wisdom of Progressive Christianity.”  This class will tackle some tough theological issues and discuss what the future of Christianity will look like. In true seminar fashion, Rev. Danner does not teach but facilitates sharing and discussion. Each member is invited to participate.

UL Classroom B, Education Wing
Coordinator: Marshall Schreeder

This Sunday morning class is designed for adults in their 30’s and 40’s. Using a diverse set of curricular materials, the topics of study help members examine faith in a practical way—exploring scripture, theology, and spirituality. This fall, the group will explore Pastor Tim Keller, a well- known author and the pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York, and his Gospel in Life study. It combines DVDs and a workbook, although you will not need the book (unless you really, really want to get one). View this link from Amazon if you want to read more about the study.

Early Christians - Saturdays, beginning August 6, 7:30 am
Bert Moore, 256-536-0962

The Early Christians study group will pick up with Amy Jill Levine’s Teaching Company presentation on Great Figures of The New Testament. All are welcome for fellowship and discussion. Come as you are and bring your own morning beverage.

Presbyterian Women

All women of FPC are considered to be members of the Presbyterian Women. Small groups of women, called Circles, meet monthly for Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. Learn more about the Presbyterian Women, Patty Conley at 256-374-1869.


Wednesday nights offer families an opportunity for fellowship and study. Click this link for more information.

Men's wednesday morning bible study

This group meets each Wednesday morning at 7:00 am in the Fellowship Hall and is led by various group members.