We would like to invite you to join us in prayer as you listen some of our favorite worship songs and hymns throughout these forty days of Lent.

Every day, we will listen a song or work. Call the Holy Spirit to open our ears, mind and heart, and as we listen, meditate on the words of the song. Then, take a moment to reflect and pray.

You can either look at the hymnal, go online and google the title of the hymn, or go to the YouTube link below to listen a choral, instrumental, solo performance of the song.


  1. The Glory of These Forty Days (Hymn 166) https://youtu.be/zuFN3wTpZ-s


  1. Lord, The Light of Your Love is Shining (Hymn 192) https://youtu.be/rce9UHYZwl4


  1. When I Survey The Wondrous Cross (Hymn 223) https://youtu.be/fEOLUnoQdmQ


  1. Beneath the Cross of Jesus (Hymn 216) https://youtu.be/qr7_i8HJ-Jo


  1. I Am a Child of God  https://youtu.be/xglz6kryORQ


  1. Be Thou my Vision (Hymn 450)  https://youtu.be/xglz6kryORQ


  1. Amazing Grace (Hymn 649) https://youtu.be/C2arm5ydeJc


  1. There is a Hill Far Away https://youtu.be/d0ybUpuLn8M


  1. You’ll Never Walk Alone https://youtu.be/6gpoJNv5dlQ


  1. Agnus Dei -Samuel Barber https://youtu.be/AiuC_CaObbI


  1. Requiem- Durefle https://youtu.be/QGoD-Cr-Wek


  1. The Seven Last Words of Christ- T. Dubois https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZNMt8j2Wyg&list=PLOVM7k5SEbcuEWgoIECrJ1rAsHgTDChZW


  1. Seven Last Words-Michael John Trotta https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKRY84yEDL0&list=PLWDdP24JHMA6kpOZM2yfAJMPJsGKTFcHP


  1. Abide with Me (Hymn 836) https://youtu.be/3NwMQpUo62s


  1. Lenten Hymns for Violin and Piano https://youtu.be/FjDnxrOi0IM


  1. My Faith Looks Up to Thee (piano) https://youtu.be/7GVgKgbbFbg


  1. My Help Cometh From The Lord https://youtu.be/WJJcemwPMYM


  1. The Power of the Cross https://youtu.be/aowdjLeaCYs


  1. He is Risen https://youtu.be/0QXYzb7PQww
    20. Hallelujah Chorus (Virtual) https://youtu.be/akb0kD7EHIk



First Presbyterian Church of Huntsville offers music to suite all tastes. Whether you prefer classic hymns or contemporary songs, the music of First Presbyterian will never cease to inspire. 

Music is a large part of our church community and we offer a variety of ways to be involved. Our youngest can participate in the Children, Youth, or Crusader Ringers. These groups practice weekly and perform throughout the year. 

We also welcome you to be a part of our Chancel Choir which performs weekly at our Worship services. 

We often host special concerts and musicians for the community including performances on Easter Sunday, Palm Sunday, Christmas Eve, and more. 

For more information about our music programs please call (256) 536-3354.