At First Presbyterian Church of Huntsville from our deep gratitude for God’s grace we are called to serve God in this time and place. We are a community that builds people up to send them out to be the hands and feet of Christ.

We offer many opportunities for the adults, youth, and children of our church to make a difference in our community and in the world through mission work. Here is a list of some of our mission partners:

  • Churches United for the People (CUP) Huntsville
  • Good Samaritans of Huntsville
  • Second Mile Preschool
  • Manna House
  • Village of Promise
  • Presbyterian Home for Children
  • The Outreach Foundation
  • Mission Aviation Fellowship
  • International Missionary Fellowship
  • Hospital Evangelic Bombardopolis, Haiti

For more information about how to become involved in any of our mission opportunities please call (256) 536-3354.




February Mission of the Month

It is with much joy and excitement that the Mission and Evangelism Team announces that the February Mission of the Month is the launch of the

Mission of the Year:

The Backpack Ministry

Beginning this month, every member of the congregation, young and old, will have the opportunity to be a part of ministering to children in our community in a way that addresses hunger and education.  Through the Food Bank of North Alabama, we have been assigned to serve the elementary age children of The Academy of Arts and Academics (AAA) which is located on Sparkman Drive.  AAA is not currently served by the Backpack Program. Its student body has approximately 30% of its children who qualify for free or reduced meals.

The excerpt below, from the Food Bank of N. Alabama website, explains the program:

Thousands of school-age children in north Alabama qualify for free or reduced-price meals at school.  These meals sustain children during the week, but what happens when students go home for the weekend?  What happens during long holiday breaks?

Churches, corporations, volunteer groups, and the Food Bank work together with school officials to provide backpack programs. On Fridays, these programs ensure two-day supplemental meal kits are discreetly slipped into the backpacks of children at risk of hunger over the weekend.  During holidays, many programs strive to give more.  The kits include ready-to-eat foods such as milk, cereal, fruit cups, pasta and sauce and more.  As a result, students arrive to school on Monday ready and able to learn without the painful distraction of hunger.

We will need one group a week to make food bags.  Everything needed will be supplied.  For the time being, the work will be done in a designated classroom on the second floor of the GBH, which is accessible by elevator. (It is the hope of the Mission and Evangelism Team that this ministry can move to the Weil House upon its future renovation/improvement.)

It is anticipated that groups will work on Sundays during the SS hour, but other times are acceptable.  The goal is to have our food packs ready to be delivered to the school every Thursday afternoon during the school year, including school holidays.

Look for the Sign-up Poster, coming soon, on the main Sign up Board.  Anticipated groups are: Sunday School classes, prayer groups, Bible Study Groups, Wednesday night groups, youth groups, families, friend groups, etc.

Remember, there is a place for EVERYONE at FPC in the Backpack Ministry.

 In addition to filling food packs, you may also serve the Backpack Ministry by:

 Donating specific foods from a provided list. The Food Pantry Box will now be used exclusively for this purpose.

  • Donate money to purchase food.
  • Volunteer to deliver the food packs to AAA.
  • Volunteer to shop for supplies from a provided list.
  • Pray for AAA and the Back Pack Ministry


For more information please contact Karen Madison or Andrew Bevel.