Week One (April 21st): “Paul’s Letter to American Christians”

A sermon from Martin Luther King Jr.’s book, Strength to Love. 8 pages

Paul’s Letter to American Christians- MLK


Week Two (April 28th): “Fear”

A chapter from Howard Thurman’s book, Jesus and the Disinherited. 22 pages

Fear, Howard Thurman


Week Three (May 5th): “Lift Every Voice, A Call to Allyship in The Pursuit of Racial Justice”

This was a forum done by local pastors in Huntsville. Unfortunately, we cannot link you directly to the video. Click the link, in the top right of the “Related Videos” square, there is a search bar. Type in “Lift every voice” and you will be taken to the video. Or, click “next page” in the “Related Videos” square until you see the video entitled “Lift Every Voice, A Call to Allyship in The Pursuit of Racial Justice.” The videos are in order of date posted. This was recorded on 2/21/21. 1 hour and 30 minutes.



Week Four (May 12th): Diversity of Huntsville

Rev. Frank Broyles discusses the future growth of Huntsville. Will it be a diverse city? And, for that matter, how big is the racial divide in Huntsville right now?