At First Presbyterian Church of Huntsville we believe faithful living encourages us to engage our hearts and minds.

We offer many opportunities for the adults of our church to come together to learn, grow, and worship together.

  • Charles Danner Seminar Class Zoom– Join this group Sundays from 9:30–10:30 am for a deeper dive into various topics including history, theology, and faith, as guided by a book to read and discuss. This fall they are reading Holding Faith: A Practical Introduction to Christian Doctrine by Cynthia L. Rigby.
  • Feasting on the Word– Pastor Tara and Pastor Brett will be co-teaching a new class for adults to explore scripture and our response to the Word with flexible options for those who may not have, or want to use, technology. This is a discussion-based Biblical study that follows the lectionary.
  • Friday Bible Study Zoom– Join Tara for a Zoom call Fridays at noon. The study will be a survey of the Torah (the first five books of the Bible). No preparation needed; join any time you can.
  • Men’s Bible Study– Join us bright and early for a 7-8 am Men’s Bible Study on Wednesday mornings. This group digs deep into Scripture as well is a time for fellowship and conversation about life. We will be doing a hybrid method for meeting. Those who feel comfortable will meet in the Fellowship Hall at church, and those who wish to stay distanced will Zoom into the meetings. During the fall we will be going through a study of the Torah (the first five books of the Bible). If you are at all interested you can contact Pastor Brett at, or David Smith at
  • Tea with Tara and Beverages with Brett– Tara and Brett alternate Tuesdays at 11 am for a short Zoom call with no set agenda. This time is just a chance to check in with each other and reconnect.
  • Thursday Prayer Group Zoom– This prayer team intentionally lifts up the prayers of this congregation and the world each week while also enjoying fellowship, scripture readings and devotions. This fall they are using the book Finding Calm in the Chaos by Kathleen Long Bostrom as the devotional guide. This group will meet via Zoom on Thursdays at 11 am.
  • Wednesday Night Live Zooms
    • Creeds and Confessions- Join Pastor Tara for Wednesday Night Creeds and Confessions Class from 5-6 pm via Zoom for a study of the creeds and confessions of the PCUSA.
    • Chronicles of Narnia- Pastor Brett will be teaching a class on C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia from 5- 6 via Zoom. Do not worry if you’re not a reader or haven’t read the Narnia books, we will be looking at sections together with thorough summaries. Though this class will deliberately focus on themes and motifs in the Narnia books, we will also bring in ideas from other Lewis books. Whether you’re a Lewis expert, or this was the first time you read his name, we hope that you will attend and discover a new way to understand God through these great works.


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