What Does a First Friends preschool day look like?

 Infant and 1 year:

Infants are on individual schedules as determined by their parents and implemented during school by their teachers.  The days include a variety of play choices that vary throughout the day, and warm, nurturing interactions with teachers.  Our infant environment provides a variety of stimulating things to manipulate, touch, watch, follow, and so forth. By the time children are about 14-16 months old, mobility allows teachers to plan and implement a  daily schedule with group music, circle time, arts and crafts, and developmentally appropriate activities to help facilitate learning in all developmental areas.

Two and Three year:

The classroom experience for the twos and threes is designed to provide a rich and fun learning and play experience by following a daily activity format to match the ever changing needs of each child.  For this age group, learning is accomplished through seasonal units and small and large group time activities along with center based activities. We also provide an emphasis on an appreciation for God’s world and His love for us. Social and classroom behavior skills, such as sharing, helping others, playing together, and learning to participate in a classroom environment are also worked on throughout the year. Our two and three year old classes have lots of time to play and explore each day.

Pre-Kindergarten (PK):

Our Pre-Kindergarten classes are designed to prepare the four-year old child for Kindergarten the following year as well as provide a rich and exciting preschool experience for every child. We use the Beginning to Read, Write and Listen Curriculum along with the Huntsville City Schools’ Readiness Curriculum Guide as a teaching guideline. We seek to build self-esteem and confidence in each child by giving them an excitement about the learning process,an appreciation of God’s world, and lots of time to learn through play. Pre-math, pre-reading, and pre-writing skills are worked on throughout the year using a variety of fun activities. Part of each class day is a center-based environment where children are offered a variety of play and learning experiences including manipulative activities and dramatic play. Art activities are designed to develop creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills.

Children attend special enrichment classes for music, bible, and motor skills (similar to movement or PE).